Panama City, FL USA 32404
Founder / CEO
Grind Time Records & Recording Studio

Music Producer / Marketer

I was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. By da beach mon!! I’ve been involved with music since a very young age and started learning to play the guitar at FIVE! My musical interests met my love for computers when I reached high school and a passion for music production was born. After over 20 years of playing and creating music, I finally decided to take the plunge into music as a career late 2016. Then on the first of the year 2017 I quit my jobs and started doing music full-time.

Since starting my first music business (GT Beats) I’ve been happier than I’ve ever been in my life! Music has given me a place to channel all the emotions and feelings that I have been unable to express all these years. Some of the music I create is intended to harness and communicate the anxiety and depression I have felt and still feel from time to time. Music is an amazing conduit that allows us to speak from the soul, and communicate our most inner feelings. One of my greatest passions is creating sounds that move the listener, and transmit certain feelings to them through the music.

Two of my core principles are Transparency and Fairness. I have an open-door / open-inbox policy and I LOVE answering questions. One of my goals in life is to be one of the realest people you’ve ever met or done business with. I aim to provide the most value possible in every interaction and I’m always down for a great chat. Hit me up on Messenger and we can talk music!

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Grind Time Records
& Recording Studio

Located at 1362 W 15th Street in beautiful Panama City, Florida (32401), Grind Time Records and Recording Studios is an independent record label and recording studio specializing in professional level sound, and rock-solid marketing. One of our main goals is to help our independent artists grow and develop their fans through high quality content, and the latest fan-building techniques. We also aim to bring together the local independent music scene and give artists in our area a platform to launch successful projects. 


Companies / Projects

Here is some more info and links for a few things I’ve started:

GT Beats

Got Beats? We have a variety of production available for you to use as backing music for your next hit! With options for any budget, from free beats to customs and exclusives. Be sure to check out the monthly beat plans!

Grind Time Records

An independent record label and recording studio specializing in professional level sound, and rock-solid marketing.

It is 100% free to book an appointment to come visit the studio and talk music with us!


The #GTeam is a collective of producers with the common goal of making unique and amazing music. The overall goal is to provide one source for a variety of beats from an entire team of producers in every style imaginable. If you make beats, fill out an application to join the team!

A few things I’m good at:

I’ve spent a LOT of time studying music, audio engineering, and the music industry. I’ve developed quite a few skills, and I LOVE to use those skills to help others achieve their goals. Here’s just a few of the things I really do well with:


Check out a few of my beats on the GT Beats website and you’ll see that I’ve got a unique sound and I’m skilled with it. I also really enjoy making custom beats.


It takes trained ears to really dial in that professional sound for your recordings. I take the time, and put in the work to get things sounding their best.


I study marketing religiously, and I’m always of top of the latest trends and techniques used to most effectively reach the masses.


When it comes to building a following, I’m a PRO. Each social media platform has it’s unique challenges and I have always loved a challenge.


Here are some links to listen to some beats I’ve made.

Social Media

I’m everywhere, so hit me up wherever you are most!

I’m most active on Facebook Messenger. Add me: